The method of education often consists in the teaching of some basic myth. The myth is available in various versions. More advanced versions may be taught by initiation rites which firmly implant them into the mind. Knowing the myth, the grown-up can explain almost everything (or else he can turn to experts for more detailed information). He is the master of Nature and of Society. He understands them both and he knows how to interact with them. However, he is not the master of the myth that guides his understanding.
- P. K. Feyerabend, How to Defend Society Against Science, 1975
PSYC 110: Applied Statistical Analysis in Psychology
PSYC 301: Intermediate Research Methods & Data Analysis in Psychology
PSYC 306: Psychological Assessment (Measurement & Testing)
PSYC 408: History of Psychology
PSCY 491X: Qualitative Methods for Psychology

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